Local businesses in Canada:

Get your free website of a 2400$ value, with no hidden fees.

Thanks to the CDAP (Canadian Digital Adoption Program) government grant, hundreds of Canadian businesses get their website for FREE every year. Be the next one!

Testimonials from our clients:

Free websites that transform their businesses.

Honestly, the Konvert team did an outstanding job. They transformed our online presence to match our art. We were so fortunate to have benefited from their talents through the CDAP grant. We couldn't have asked for anything better!"
Gouna Lamiri
Fondateur Golden cutzz
We can't thank Konvert enough. They designed a website that truly represents what we do here at Centre Chiro Auteuil. It's clear, welcoming, and it's us. And all of this for free, thanks to the CDAP grant."
Dr Amine Talbi
Fondateur Centre Chiro thibault
The impact of the new website on our business has been immediate. This developer understood our vision perfectly and efficiently brought it to life. A big thank you for this incredible achievement, all thanks to the CDAP grant.
Rudra Ghosh
Fondateur - Alpha Pack Canada

Why choose Konvert?

Unparalleled experience: Konvert, the agency that proves that free services and excellence can coexist.
Total transparency, no hidden fees.
We take care of the entire application process from A to Z.
Custom development to meet your specific needs.
A team of qualified experts in all aspects.
Impressive results that exceed expectations.
Other businesses
Undisclosed hidden fees.
Intermittent communication with a lack of commitment.
A standardized approach that does not consider your unique objectives.
Lack of specialized skills in certain disciplines.
Mediocre results with no real differentiation.

Here is the simple and efficient process to benefit from the CDAP grant.

During a call, we verify your business and assess its eligibility to open the file for the PCAN grant. We handle all administrative procedures on your behalf.
Grant application.
A PCAN e-commerce advisor will guide you during a call to fill out the grant application form. Once completed, we will submit it for processing.
Website development.
Once your application is accepted, we initiate the website design process. We work closely with you to create a website tailored to your needs and expectations.
Delivery and project review.
After the design, we deliver the website and proceed with revisions until you are completely satisfied. Our goal is to provide you with a quality and professional website.

Canadians have rated Konvert 4.9/5